5 reasons to use a Notebook

Among all the notebooks on the market - why choose Oxford? We put an end to your hesitation in 5 arguments. 


  1. Unrivalled quality for a successful year
  2. Optimal note taking
  3. A connected notebook
  4. The Oxford Notebook, a professional tool 
  5. Possibilities for each of your needs 


1 - Unparalleled quality for a successful year  

If there is one criteria on which we do not skimp at Oxford, it is the quality of our products. This is what makes us the European leader in school and office supplies   

👉 This quality is tangible in each of our notebooks... All our pages are made of our famous Optik Paper®, an extra-white satin paper with an extra-smooth feel that gives you unparalleled writing comfort! 


2 - Optimal note taking  


How we use our eyes is key to the best note-taking techniques, in particular the Cornell method. Very popular with students, it does however require a little preparation time since it is based on dividing your page into 4 distinct parts. The key: clearer notes and easier revision and memorising! 

💡 Did you know? Contrary to what one might think, the Cornell method is not names after its inventor. It was developed by Walter Pauk, a professor at Cornell University. 


  1. The section at the top of the page is used to indicate the subject, the date, and the theme of the course. This information will help you better organise your notes.
  1. The right column is there to take your notes during the course 
  1. You can fill in the left column during and after class with keywords, dates, and other essential information. It's also a very good place to write down questions that might come up during an exam 👀
  1. The footer is used to summarise your notes with your own words. It's very useful if you systematically record your lessons - which we strongly encourage you to do!


💡 The trick: use the left column and the bottom of the page to revise. You can test yourself regularly by answering the questions written on the left.  


3 - A connected notebook 🌐 

The ideal with such effective notes is to be able to access them at any time, right? That's why Oxford has designed SCRIBZEE ®, a free application to scan, save and classify the content of your Notebook directly in your smartphone. 

💡 Did you know? This application is also compatible with our FLASH 2.0 flashcards. In short, you can enjoy all its benefits with any Oxford product!  

👉 Choosing SCRIBZEE means ensuring effective revisions Why? 

Once digitised, you will be able to access your notes from anywhere and from all your connected devices. Being able to revise where you want is a godsend for maximizing your time! Assign them a colour to find them quickly and you ae ready to revise. 

You can assign a personalised progress status to each of your notes and take a look at it directly from your dashboard. You will know what to prioritise, 100% tailor-made 😎 

The little feature that makes all the difference is the ability to search for information using a keyword. The app knows how to decipher your writing to find the information in question in your notes. No more black holes before knowledge checks! 

SCRIBZEE also offers you to be the most generous of students by easily sharing and exchanging your notes with your friends. Believe us, when you need help, you will be very happy to be able to switch roles 😉 


4 - The Oxford Notebook, a professional tool 💪  

At Oxford, we know that the design of the notebooks requires a balanced criteria: we have carried out a whole host of consumer studies to be sure to offer exactly what you want. 

The design of our notebooks have been designed to appeal to demanding minimalists: both classic and modern, completely in line with your academic needs. No more extravagant notebooks that make you lose credibility in a lecture hall... we promise you that you'll be proud to take it out 😎 

👉 A true hybrid between a school tool and a professional tool, it will help you approach work differently and with more maturity. Perfect to accompany you from high school, until the end of your higher education whatever your path 📚 


Great organisation 


Unlike conventional notebooks, all the pages of your Oxford Campus wirebound notebooks are detachable and perforated to be able to file them very quickly and easily. It's a real plus for ring binder enthusiasts who want to keep all the advantages of a notebook! 

👉 You can then scan them individually with SCRIBZEE before storing them in your ring binder or lever arch file and make your life easier! 


5 - Possibilities for each of your needs 

Since we know that all students are different and that each of their needs deserves attention, our Notebooks are available in different formats and sizes: 

- The A4+ is a classic format for those who want to take their notes meticulously! This format can also be adapted to use the famous Cornell ruling 😌 

 👉 Add to that the choice of colour and you will have the notebook of your dreams! 🤩 




Students looking for the perfect notebook to accompany then during all their studies...Need look no further! Oxford notebooks combine practicality, aesthetics, and efficiency. And you, what do you prefer in your book? Tell us in the comments or directly in the product review section! 🤩