Revising in a group: a good idea to motivate you!

We often say, “two is better is better than one”. Imagine 4 or 5! If you feel overwhelmed by your revision, you can do like many other struggling students: call your classmates to revise as a group. But beware, for it to work like clockwork, you must agree to abide by a few rules! Otherwise, the revision group can quickly end up in a discussion group How to revise in a group effectively? Here are our tips 😉

  1. The advantages of revising in a group 🗣
  2. How to revise in a group? Mistakes not to make
  3. A few tips for revising in a group


  1. The advantages of revising in a group

An additional motivation

Revising alone is good for two minutes. Stuck in your notebooks, you sometimes want to throw everything away! When the lack of motivation comes, a new strategy is needed. It's timely, because the idea of revising in a group has been germinating in your mind for some time.


You did well because it's a super effective way to re-motivate yourself. Being in a group is much more exciting than being alone: when you are faced with your difficulties, you are much more likely to want to give up. Hence the advantage of being with several people! Just as others rely on you to get the session done, you can rely on them to help you move forward.


The synergy created by your respective motivations is much more powerful than a Formula 1 engine! 🏎️


Become better through others

The good, the bad and the ugly even inseparable, they each have their own thing! It's the same for a group review session. We will find the mathematician, the literary and the bilingual. Yes, you each have your strengths, which gives you the advantage of being much more efficient as a group than as individuals!

💡 Clearly, if you have your head in maths, you can help your friend understand their course on oblique asymptotes. In return, they will help you work on your composed commentary when needed. Everyone will find their subject.


Stimulation and learning

Solving a problem quickly becomes easier when several people are looking into it. Why? Because everyone goes there with their own approach and background. Reviewing end to end, the expertise of each person will make it possible to make the complete concept, formula, or line of thought.


In some subjects, it is often necessary to dig (as far as China) to arrive at satisfactory conclusions. This is particularly the case in the human sciences: dissecting a philosophical or literary text is very tedious but more than necessary in order to be able to revise effectively. This is where group work is beneficial! You will be able to share your ideas, however subjective they may be, to explore the subject to the end.


In addition, everyone has their own way of working. If you are having difficulty concentrating or remembering your lessons, you will surely be able to discover new methods by talking with your friends. Let the tricks flow! 😎


  1. How to revise in a group?

On the other hand, group revision sessions are not an exact science. The good sides listed above will be beneficial to you, provided that you find the perfect group that suits you in every way!


While yes, revising in a group is a plus, not an obligation. So, if you find yourself in a group with which you do not feel motivated, and you do not feel comfortable or that you do not have the impression of progressing, there is no point in forcing.

Even if you have found your ideal squad, don't rest too much on your laurels. Trained by your peers, you can lose sight of your own methods and your good habits to stall on those of others.


👉 The idea is not to reach the glass ceiling of learning. So, remember to keep revision sessions alone to continue exploring your strengths and weaknesses!

Talk about everything except work

It can go very quickly: suddenly, you're talking about algebra and two minutes later, about the release of the new video game coming out at the start of the school year. This is the risk of group reviews, especially when the members get along well.


👉 Set rules before you get to work so everyone is on the same page. No using the phone… Don't forget that's what the breaks are for!


Not arriving prepared

The worst for group work? Stowaways! You may have already had the experience of dragging a cannonball in your group…don't become the same cannonball! For effective sessions where you move forward together, everyone must be ready: make your work easier and don't arrive at the session underprepared.


👉 To prepare the ground, you can plan sheets on the subject you will discuss during the session. It pushes you to study the concepts upstream, do your research on your side and therefore be an important player in the group while remaining independent.


How to make files? Nothing's easier.


- Bring small cardboard sheets to write the essentials. The goal, with the cards, is to synthesize your course.

- Organise your knowledge within the form itself: think of a logical plan to facilitate your revisions.

- No question of having sheets all bare! You will want to leaf through them more if you take care of their presentation. Get your most beautiful fine markers and your most beautiful calligraphy and don't skimp on the colours.

- We recommend that you use our notebooks.


  1. A few tips for revising in a group

Share your knowledge

What do we mean when we talks about “scanning” files? It's not empty words! This is one of the features of our SCRIBZEE ® application.

Thanks to the free app - you will be able to scan your files and convert them to PDF so that you have them in a single file. It's super practical for revision on the go or in a group... But its real advantage is that you can share them with your revision buddies before the session or even during for latecomers!


Yes, SCRIBZEE® allows you to send any scanned document to your contacts. Handwritten notes, individual or file flash cards, index cards… All you have to do is invite the recipient by email or text message. Once notified, everything goes through the application through which you can send each other documents. Quick sharing, just the way we like them!


Choose a suitable place

Revising in a group is not just anywhere and anytime. You and your colleagues need to be in the best possible position to optimize your revision and your work.


- Choose a schedule that suits everyone: you will be sure not to have last minute cancellations (and you will also avoid the domino effect of demotivation).

- Choose a place suitable for work: a library, a café, a coworking space, a park...Avoid at all costs: a noisy space, where you are not comfortable, constantly disturbed and especially in which the temptations multiply. The desire to play the console is much greater when you are in a living room...


👉 The idea is to find you a comfortable place that won't force you to discuss things

other than work.

Test each other

Do you know flash cards? It is the essential tool for revision. Their role: to improve your memory and control your knowledge in no time... or that of others!

Get our FLASH 2.0. On one side of the flash card, write a question. On the other, just enter the answer. The goal, you guessed it, is to find the right answer.

When the time comes to end a revision session, it's a super fun and alternative way to test yourself in turn. Another advantage: you check that everyone is up to date before embarking on a new chapter and no one is left behind.


💡 FLASH 2.0 are also compatible with the SCRIBZEE application. You will be able to scan them in the same way as our notebooks and take them everywhere with you to test yourself and train for the next surprise quiz from your friends. It's like a Trivial Pursuit, but with a 20/20 at stake 😉


Were you wondering how to revise in a group and how to optimize these sessions? You got all the advice you needed to get started! Remember: agree on the topics beforehand. On your side, arrive prepared so as not to be left behind, do not rely too much on your comrades and above all Wait for the gossip break!