OXFORD BACKPACK Recycled Polyester with isothermal compartment Blue

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The OXFORD backpacks have been designed with the help of students who participated in the project by describing what their ideal backpack would look like. That's why OXFORD backpacks are backpacks made by and for students. As a result of their and Oxford's concern for the environment, this range is also made from recycled plastic. They are strong yet lightweight, so as not to add extra weight, and are carefully designed to be comfortable and to help you organise your gear inside, with numerous and varied compartments. The B-OUT is a backpack designed for everyday use, with optimum capacity and a timeless design. It also includes an isothermal compartment at the bottom, for transporting food without it mixing with the rest of the material, and an expandable zip for extra space. - 30L - 42x30x20cm

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